About Me

I am Sharon Graves and I have been painting with acrylics for over 30 years, and painting as a fine art painter for about 10 years.  I paint landscape and floral paintings and every once in a while I throw in a painting of animals from our small farm.

I teach beginning painters in River Run Gallery, Carrollton, Ky and have taught several hundred over the last four years.  I taught at my home before I opened the gallery over a year ago.

I love teaching beginning painters because I remember just how I felt when I finally decided I either had to learn how to do it, or just figure out how to quit thinking about it all the time.  I couldn’t look at anything without thinking “If I were going to paint that how would I get that shadow in or how would I put in the highlight I see”.

I found a two-day workshop to go to which by the time I paid for the workshop, hotel, food, paint, brushes, canvases and other supplies, I spent over $1,000.  But I came home with a beautiful painting and knew I could do it.  I began a 10 year journey where I painted 5-6 days a week, read and watched everything I could to become a better painter.  I put miles on my brushes.

In July of 2014 I opened River Run Gallery Fun Art Studio where I represent other artists and I teach classes.  After teaching several hundred beginning students I decided to create Painting With Acrylics 101 with the beginning painter in mind.  And here we are.

Here are links for my blog and website for you to see how I work.

River Run Gallery Website

River Run Gallery Blog